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Best Game Computers for High Performance and Gaming Applications.
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Best Game Computer FAQ's

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Q. How do I know what kind of computer I need?

A. Don't worry - we will help you figure it out. Your ultimate high performance computer system will depend on several things. For instance, what you will use your computer for (which software programs you will be using, and/or what games you'd like to play) and we will help you to figure out the best computer specifications for your new computer system.

Q. What operating system will come installed on my new computer?

A. The operating system will come standard with Windows 7, unless another operating system is specified (such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, or any version of Linux).

Q. What software will come installed on my new computer?

A. Your computer will come with a new installation of Windows 7 (or your preferred operating system software, if specified). No additional software will be installed, unless specifically purchased through us.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my new computer?

A. The exact time frame will depend on how quickly we can get each of the new required computer system parts and put it all together. Realistically, it can take up to 3-4 weeks for you to receive your new computer system. However, typically, we can get a new computer system built and shipped out within 2 weeks.

Q. Does my computer come with any warranty?

A. Yes, your new computer will come with the original manufacturer's warranty on parts. Some computer parts can have up to a 10-year warranty. We try to use only quality parts when building computers.

Q. What happens if I receive a non-working computer?

A. Let us know with 24 hours of receiving your new high performance computer system if it does not work. All computers will be tested and in full working condition as we ship them out. We will pack the computer system carefully to ensure no damage occurs during shipping and that every computer will be shipped with insurance. So, in the very rare chance that a computer might not work upon arrival, we will work with you to handle your claim quickly with the shipping carrier. You will be responsible for promptly taking photos of any damaged boxes or computer systems and sending them to us. You will need to keep all packaging, for inspection by the shipping company, if the computer arrives damaged.


Best Game Computers for High Performance and Gaming Applications.